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  It is the exact same paper as the "A" thickness(.020) with a paper backing just like the original 20"x20". This material is in stock and ready to ship. No more waiting weeks to get your gasket material. We can meet all your gasket supply needs. We also carry the blades and Teflon strips for these machines. As well as technical support for your gaskets on demand cutting machines.

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50 Sheets Gasket Material A



25 Sheets Gasket Material A



Blade and Strip



B Material can be add to any order for 11.00 per sheet.



Technical support for your  Gaskets-on-Demand machines available. Gasket material B (.030) available by request. 

We have a proven backing material that works great for gaskets-on-demand users. 

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Gasket Material Specification Data Sheet


Pro-Formance?/MicroPore? Nonasbestos Gasket Material


Description: PF-4N has a fully cured nitrile butadiene rubber binder for maximum fluid resistance. It has

excellent sealability in a variety of environments and flange conditions. It is intended for

applications with short duration maximum temperatures up to 290oC (550oF).

Property: Specification: Method: Density, g/cc(lb/cu.ft) 1.44 (90) (min.) ASTM F 1315

Compressibility, % (at 34.5MPa) 12 - 20 ASTM F 36

Recovery, % 45 (min.) ASTM F 36

Tensile Strength, AMD, MPa(psi) 8.97 (1300) (min.) ASTM F 152

Binder Type Fully Cured Nitrile Butadiene

Remarks and Related Documents: Specification values determined by the test methods required for ASTM F-104, Type 7 materials.



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